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Tips for an Accident Free Journey this Year
Thursday January 15, 2015 | Staff


Everyone wants driving to be stress free and safe. However, let's face it, the dangers of distracted driving are pretty well -known.  The media is laden with horror stories and statistics about texting and driving. The thing is though, as serious as it is, distracted driving wasn’t invented along with the cell phone. It’s been around a long, long time. Here are some tips that you can follow to enjoy a safer journey this year.

1. Stay alert

Even the best driver can make mistakes if tired. Try and get a good night’s  sleep, especially before long journeys, and stop for at least 15 minutes every couple of hours or when you notice that you  are starting to lose your concentration. You can always call ahead if you’re running late or if you must be at your destination by a certain time let someone else drive.

2. Learn to communicate

Clear communication with other drivers is essential to both your safety and theirs. Avoid driving in blind spots where a driver will have difficulty seeing you and use your turn signals to alert drivers of your intentions.

3. Put yourself in their shoes

Don’t show frustration by making gestures to other drivers who make mistakes – it could be you on the receiving end! Try to stay calm and avoid provoking or fuelling road rage, which could cause unintended damage.

4. Exercise some etiquette

When traffic is merging, let one car in, and then go yourself. Not only is this polite, it will remind you that the few seconds lost will not materially affect your day. Remember you should be driving like you own the car and treat others as you would want to be treated!

5. Don’t speed or tailgate

When your car is traveling at 60 mph it is moving approximately 90 feet every second. This means your car travels the distance of a football field in just over 3 secs. Typical the time for a driver to perceive and react to an emergency situation is approximately 1.5 secs. This is one of the reasons high speed is more dangerous because your car travels 135 feet or about 9 car lengths before you can react to an emergency. So on high speed highways keep a good following distance away from the vehicle in front of you and stay alert. If a sudden emergency occurs you will be much better able to avoid it if you keep a safe following distance. The greater the following distance the more time you have to perceive and react to avoid the problem and not be involved in an accident.

While we cannot guarantee an accident free 2015, by following these five tips, you will pave the way to more enjoyable and a safer trips during the coming year.

If you are injured in a vehicular accident you may be able to make a claim.  My firm accepts injury cases on the basis that our fee and any costs are taken from the recovery we are able to make for you.  If we cannot recover for you, you owe us nothing for fees or costs. Contact us today at 561-682-9060 to speak to our Accident Advice Helpline to find out if we can help you on your injury claim as a result of a traffic accident.

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