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Texting, Walking, and Driving - A Serious Concern For Parents; Important Tips To Know
Thursday October 20, 2016 | Staff

This past summer the phenomenon known as Pokemon Go, a game played on a cell phone simulating “chasing” popular Pokemon characters, has been downloaded over 100,000 million times according to Endgaget.com, a website focusing on gaming.

This means kids are more focused on looking down than where they are going. The popular game is usually played with friends, which is reason for concern as our children cross busy streets and pay little to no attention at what is right in front of them. Serious accidents can occur and parents are encouraged to take steps to limit the use of a child’s cell phone while walking or, in many cases, running to school with friends.

Knowing how difficult it is to stop your child from using their cell phone, Mr. Wilkerson recommends:

1) Investing in technology that blocks the Pokemon Go game from working on a phone. A company called Cellcontrol developed DriveID that not only disables texting while driving, another serious concern, but works effectively for turning off the popular game.

2) Mr. Wilkerson also suggests that school administrators, bus drivers, and crossing guards be vigilant in observing kids’ behaviors. Signage on buses, at crosswalks, and in schools such as “Don’t Catch and Walk” are recommended and necessary.

3) Just as many schools have successfully initiated programs warning against drinking and using drugs, a campaign based on the dangers of playing games such as Pokemon Go should be on the agenda this year.

“Our concern is always the well-being of our clients, and when children are at risk of serious injury, caused by a cell phone game, we feel it is our duty to speak up and share with the public the realities of yet another distraction that comes along with kids as young as six years old having a cell phone. Talk to your kids, show them what can happen when they are not focused. Put limits on their phone time, and look into apps such as DriveID that locks their phones.”

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