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Minor Collision Causes Serious Injury

Monday 11,2016

Thanksgiving Home & Travel Safety Tips


Taking just a few minutes to read these Thanksgiving safety tips could mean the difference between enjoying the holiday and having a turkey dinner end in disaster.

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For Boating Accidents

For Boating Accidents

Whether you are on a private boat, a jet ski or a cruise line passenger, injuries due occur because of the failure of the owner or operator of the vessel 

The West Palm Beach law firm of James D. Wilkerson, Jr. P.A. specializes in cases involving Liability for Boating Accidents and is dedicated to providing you with immediate solutions to solve your problems. I am personally involved with each client's matter. As a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, my firm, located in West Palm Beach, and I have the experience and expertise to help you find solutions to the stress, anxiety, and frustration you have trying to deal with and the consequences these accidents can cause. 


Our team approach utilizes my experience of over 30 years and the experience of my paralegal, who is a former insurance adjuster. Working as a team for you, we are able to provide the necessary skill to help you deal with problems that you cannot handle on your own and be responsive to your problem. All insurance companies have teams of highly trained claims adjusters, lawyers, and investigators whose job is to represent the interests of their insured who is typically the party that caused your injuries. The insurance company does not represent your interests and you cannot rely upon them to deal with you fairly. In order to ensure that you are being treated fairly you need to have legal representation for your interests. 


Call me for a free initial no obligation personal consultation, so that I can better understand your claim. I accept these cases involving Liability for Boating Accidents on a contingency fee basis so that the attorney fees and costs are collected from the recovery that we are able to obtain for you. If there is no recovery, you owe nothing for attorney fees or costs. My firm's headquarters is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and specializes in cases involving Liability for Boating Accidents.

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