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Minor Collision Causes Serious Injury

Monday 11,2016

Thanksgiving Home & Travel Safety Tips


Taking just a few minutes to read these Thanksgiving safety tips could mean the difference between enjoying the holiday and having a turkey dinner end in disaster.

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“The overall service I received from Mr. Wilkerson and the firm was exceptional. Mr. Wilkerson is an outstanding lawyer and I am pleased with all the time he took with my case and making sure I was satisfied with every step of the way. All of my questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner. In addition, the staff was very courteous and adhered to my needs as a clients. Thanks again for everything! ”

Geeta G 

“My name is Victor and I am writing this review on behalf of my mother who obtained Mr. Wilkerson’s services. Not sure how the case got to him, because the case was with another attorney, who had the case for almost a year and he did absolutely nothing! Thank God for Mr. Wilkerson, because he was a “GOD SENT”! For not like most attorneys, Mr. Wilkerson is Christian Man with traditional values and a man of Integrity who has exceptional knowledge of the law. I have to tell you he is a “Straight Talker” because he is going to dot his “I” and cross his “T” as he represents you. He is a very proactive attorney with extensive knowledge of Florida Law. He is great in terms of knowing every detail of the law and being super meticulous when handling a case. He sat down with my mother and told her “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and based on the evidence she had a slim chance of winning her case, because she had waited too long also taken the wrong steps to help with the case. He asked her if she wanted to take it to court, because it wasn’t going to be easy for someone her age to be in a court room battle, but he was willing if she was. To me this is what separated him from other attorneys because it shows he was a very compassionate person and genuinely cares about the clients he is representing. His office staff is “Fantastic” “HANDS DOWN” his secretary works hand-In-Hand with him, always on top of everything, very attentive to small details and will assist you with all the help needed, also keeping you up to date and will keep you informed with the case till the end. It’s not often you would find someone brilliant, with good energy and honest like Mr. Wilkerson. He is very passionate about what he does in the court room, I was very impressed with his diligence and professionalism while in the court room and was truly in awe the way he handle my mother case. So I can say today as a witness that Mr. Wilkerson is reliable, dedicated and forthright attorney also truly a good natured person to have representing you in court because he advocates for his clients fiercely. So if you are looking for someone to represent you, he is “simply the best” YOU DEFINITELY HAVE TO SEE HIM IN COURT!!”

Victor T 

“Mr. James Wilkerson and Ms. Grace Smith were very persevering while handling my auto accident case. The service I received was professional and I would advise anyone to seek Mr. Wilkerson to help with your case.”

Keisha L 

“I am pleased to offer this testimonial to an outstanding attorney James Wilkerson during the several years of interaction with attorney Wilkerson, I found him to be extremely organized. He was kind and always truthful. I knew from the beginning of my case that we would win and we did. His compassion, honesty and communication skills were hard to beat. Anybody needs a truly exceptional lawyer, He is the one should be at the top of the list.”

Richard F 
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